Excelent stoves

The ability to control fire, opened a new chapter of humankind. The fire brought us light, cooked our food, and mainly generated the heat to protect us from bad weather. We know from history that fire can be also dangerous, but with Rhéa-Flam wood burning stoves, we provide you with a tool, to master it´s power safely. It's time to enjoy a rheal flame. It's time to tame the element.


Welcome to a warm and pleasant place. A place that heats ecologically and efficiently. RHEA FLAM collection is characterized by modern design and advanced construction, thanks to which the strictest emission limits are met. The design of our stove fits into both modern and classic interiors. And in order to have a lot of possibilities, the stove is available in several color versions of ceramics as well as in soapstone. WELCOME TO RHEA FLAM

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