About RHEA


Taming the element. 


The use of fire has fundamentally influenced the development of modern man. Humanity has been using its power for over a million years. We no longer need its strength to protect ourselves from the beasts. Against the cold and to create a cozy atmosphere of a home, however, we like to use it.


According to ancient stories, it was the Greek gods who took the fire from humans as punishment, before being returned to them by the brave Prometheus. To tame the power that the fire hides in itself that´s almost beyond human possibilities. That is why we named our brand of fireplace stove after the wife of Titan Kronos and the mother of the highest Olympic god Zeus.


The Rhea-Flam stoves will allow you to tame one of the basic elements right in your home. You can enjoy the pleasant heat and its effect on the human body, enjoy the dancing flames and create an unmistakable ambience with nature.


The individual types of stove named after the ancient names of cities combine the raw strength of quality materials with the fineness of modern combustion techniques. As a result, our models achieve exceptional durability and parameters that meet even the most stringent environmental standards without any problems.


In order to naturally incorporate the stove into different interiors, there are variants with cast iron and sheet metal or combinations with soapstone, which has been shaped by millions of years of natural processes. For color matching it is possible to choose ceramic tiles in many shades to create a combination tailored to your aesthetic feel. All material comes from reputable suppliers, who are the top in the field of stoves and heating industry.


For more information about the Rhea-Flam brand and products, please contact us.