The main questions and answers about stoves and heating.

Fireplace stoves need to be cleaned at least once per year, after the heating season; in case of more intensive year-long operation they should be cleaned more frequently, as required. Of course, it mainly depends on how frequently you use your fireplace stove. All work must only be carried out when the fireplace stove is completely cold. When cleaning, it is necessary to remove sediment in the flue and combustion chamber. After the heating season ends, remove any freely placed deflectors in order to make it easier to access the area above them, in the direction of the flue. Remove the ceiling deflector and chamotte lining, clean them, and sweep or vacuum all dirt and residual soot and ash from the combustion chamber, as this material can absorb moisture and then cause corrosion. Cleaning (aside from glass) is carried out without water solutions – e.g., you can use a vacuum cleaner or steel brush. 

After cleaning, close the fireplace stove with the appropriate sliding door when not in use.

Modifications of the heating unit are not permitted.