The main questions and answers about stoves and heating.

Depending on the heating method and fuel used, it is necessary to clean the glass in the door from time to time and to rule out other factors, such as not using wet fuel, checking the seal on the furnace door and checking to ensure sufficient air intake, chimney draft, etc. 

In addition to using suitable fuel and ensuring sufficient air intake and chimney draft, the operation of the fireplace stove also affects the cleanliness of the viewing window. In this regard, we recommend stoking one layer of fuel only and spreading it out evenly around the furnace, as far from the glass as possible.

If the glass becomes dirty during heating, we recommend increasing the burning intensity by opening the air regulator, which usually means the glass clears by itself.

Stoke the correct amount of fuel, see the instructions for use. By stoking too much fuel over the long-term, you run the risk of permanently damaging and degrading the product. Damage caused by incorrect operation is not covered by the warranty.

Use sufficiently dry wood only, i.e., with a moisture content not exceeding 20% volume to weight.